Miyamoto’s Kommentar zum scheitern der WiiU


Miyamoto zum scheitern der WiiU : „Spieler haben WiiU nicht verstanden“

Shigeru Miyamoto, der Vater von Super Mario, hat sich in einem Interview mit den Kollegen von NPR.org zum scheitern der WiiU geäussert. Auf die Frage ob es an dem Preis lag, antwortete Miyamoto recht ausführlich.

F: „The first Wii sold really well; the Wii U, not so much. Do you think part of it is the price that the Wii has not sold so well?

A (Miyamoto) : „So I don’t think it’s just price, because if the system is appealing enough, people will buy it even if the price is a little bit high. I think with Wii U, our challenge was that perhaps people didn’t understand the system. But also I think that we had a system that’s very unique — and, particularly with video game systems, typically it takes the game system a while to boot up. And we thought that with a tablet-type functionality connected to the system, you could have the rapid boot-up of tablet-type functionality, you could have the convenience of having that touch control with you there on the couch while you’re playing on a device that’s connected to the TV, and it would be a very unique system that could introduce some unique styles of play.

I think unfortunately what ended up happening was that tablets themselves appeared in the marketplace and evolved very, very rapidly, and unfortunately the Wii system launched at a time where the uniqueness of those features were perhaps not as strong as they were when we had first begun developing them. So what I think is unique about Nintendo is we’re constantly trying to do unique and different things. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they’re not as big of a hit as we would like to hope. After Wii U, we’re hoping that next time it will be a very big hit.

So this with Super Mario Maker and being able to design levels on the touchscreen in your hand while watching on the big screen, and with games like Star Fox Zero where the big screen represents sort of a movie-like experience, but with the gamepad and the gamepad screen in your hands, you’re able to play a video game simultaneously with the excitement of these cinematic scenes happening on the TV. And I think that’s going to give people a lot of excitement, and I’m hoping that people will be looking forward to playing those games on Wii U in the fall.“

Quelle: NPR.org

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