Warface Server schliessen im Februar


Frech, dreist, absehbar oder verständlich? Eines ist sicher, das Free 2 Play Spiel Warface wird auf der Xbox360 im Februar zu Grabe getragen. Dies wurde von Crytek nun bestätigt. Nach 7 Monaten Laufzeit, kann das Experiment „Warface“ auf der Xbox360 als abgeschlossen betrachtet werden. Auf dem PC wird der Service weiterhin laufen.

Wichtig, für alle die jetzt noch überlegen, ein klein wenig in die Warface Welt einzutauchen, dass eine Anmeldung oder das Erstellen eines Charakters nicht mehr möglich ist.

Aus dem Xbox Forum entnommen, haben wir für euch auch noch eine kleine FAQ, die auf die Fragen der User eingeht, aber trotzdem gewisse Kernpunkte vermissen lässt.

When will the game be shut down?

Warface Xbox 360 Edition will close on February, 1st, 2015.

Why is it shutting down?

We’re always evaluating our portfolio to ensure that the experiences available on Xbox suit the needs of our community. Player demand and creative direction sometimes mandate that we shift our focus onto other games and opportunities.

Can my friends create an account and play with me before it closes down for good?

No, sorry. As of the day of this announcement, no new accounts can be created on Warface Xbox 360 Edition.

Will there be any updates between now and the game closure?

No, unfortunately.

Why can’t I purchase Kredits anymore?

As of the day of release of this announcement, we froze the ability to purchase Kredits.

Will Warface be coming to Xbox One?

We can’t give definite answer at this time

What will happen with my Kredits I didn’t spend before the game’s closure?

After the game closes, the value of any unused Kredits will be transferred to Xbox Store credits of similar value. https://store.xbox.com

Who should I contact if my Kredits don’t transfer properly or my in-game achievements aren’t showing up on my profile for other Xbox games?

Contact Xbox customer support for assistance with your Xbox Live account, billing or gaming questions at http://support.xbox.com/contact-us

What does “reimbursed based on similar value” mean? How will that be determined?

Your Microsoft account will be credited with local currency equal to the purchase price of any unspent Kredits you purchased through Xbox Live.

Where can I find the Xbox Live store?


Once my Kredits have been converted to Xbox Store credits, how do I access them? Where do they show up?

You will be presented with the option to use the balance in your Microsoft account when making purchases through the Xbox store either through Xbox.com or on your console. To check your account balance, please visit account.xbox.com.

Will my Kredits get transferred to my Warface account on PC?

No, they will not be transferred, as you will be reimbursed based on similar value in the XBOX Live store when the game closes.

Will I get to keep my Warface Xbox 360 Edition achievements on my Xbox 360 profile?

Yes, any achievements and Gamerscore you’ve earned in Warface will remain on your profile.

Will there be a time before the closure where the armory will provide things for cheaper/for free like some other games do when they close?

Nothing’s planned at this time.

Are the Warface forums on Xbox forums going to stay?

No, the Warface forums on Xbox will close on this date. However, we hope that the friendships you forged in this game will carry over into other forums and games here on Xbox.com.

Will I be able to transfer my Warface Xbox 360 Edition account to a Warface PC account?

No, Warface Kredits purchased on Xbox 360 will only be able to be transferred to Xbox Store credits of similar value at February 1st.

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